Saturday, April 16, 2011

My prayer for this evening (April 16, 2011)

God, please give me a spirit of mildness, a spirit of patience, a spirit of understanding.

We all need to truly analyze why we do and say the things that we do and say.

What is the agenda? If there is an agenda, why the need for an agenda?

What is the motivation? What truly is the point?

When it is my time to complete my Life Circle, I do not want to be remembered for my career or accolades achieved in that career. When people mention my name, I do not want it mentioned in the same breath as any negative words.

I want to be remembered for the type of person that I truly am. I want to be remembered for my good deeds and my strong attachment to family and friends.

When it is my time to complete my Life Circle, I want to be correct with God.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vogue Knitting Live!!! January 21st-23rd 2011 The Hilton Hotel NYC

Vogue Knitting Live!!!!

What a truly awesome event! This was the 1st ever event of this kind that Vogue Knitting has put together and it was awesome!

I have always gone to the STITCHES events around the country, as well as The Knit and Crochet shows, but these are always in other states.

I am so happy that Vogue Knitting held this event in NYC! They truly did it New York Style at the lovely Hilton Hotel and this gave people from the tri-state area a chance to experience this event that was so close to home.

Master hand Knitwear and Crochet Designers were on hand: Shirley Paden, Doris Chan and Lily Chin just to name a few.

Vendors and Yarn companies from around the world were there. People came from as far away as Australia to take classes with these Master Jedi's of Knitting and Crocheting. Friends were reunited. New friendships were formed. Truly a great time indeed :-)